My Yoga Journey

Finding yoga was like finding a missing piece of me. I gained a sense of fullness from the attention I was bringing to my body and the connection I was making to my spirit. My Heart led me to dedicate my life to yoga and to help bring it to others who would benefit from the teachings that transformed my life. In addition to yoga asana, I study and practice Ayurveda-the sister science to yoga that emphasizes balance in all aspects of our lives-as well as yoga philosophy. I find these two practices have been highly supportive of my practice and how I teach, adding an extra element to my yoga classes. I study with Ambika Daniella Cotreau, the founder of Body Temple Yoga™ School and who is a highly trained and recognized expert in Alignment-Based Hatha, Heart Wisdom Teachings, and energy work.

My classes are designed to share knowledge about alignment, help students find new ways to approach asana, and bring yoga philosophy to class in an approachable manner. I bring a balance of lightness and focus into my classes, bringing each student to their edge in an non-judgmental environment. Mind-body connection and attention to the breath are constantly emphasized to keep students grounded and in the moment. My goal as a teacher is to inspire practice, find the True Self, and to alleviate suffering from daily life. I hope we get the chance to meet and practice together soon!